Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mid-Week Retail Reads

  • The bricks-and-mortar albatross (Reuters)
  • Lower Manhattan Will Beef Up Its Retail Scene With Luxury Stores (Racked NY)
  • With a Billion Birthdays on File, Facebook Adds a Gift Store (NY Times)
  • PayPal President David Marcus On Cyber Monday, In-Store Payments, Data Strategy And More (TechCrunch)
  • Retailers Serving Striped Bass Along With Striped Shirts To Lure Shoppers (Bloomberg)
  • The Secrets Of Success For Social Retail (Business Insider)
  • Whatever name they go by, convenience strip centers dominating retail development (SCT)
  • With the proliferation of multiple touchpoints, commerce loses its linear purchase process (eMarketer)
  • Q&A With CEO On Building A $700 Million Novelty Shop (WSJ)
  • Mobile Becomes Major Shopping Player (Online Media Daily)
  • The Many Faces of Shopping: Evolution from Physical Stores to E-commerce to Seamless Shopper Experience (Popsop)
  • Retailers Count On Giveaways, Exclusive Collections To Fight Holiday Lull (Businessweek)
  • The rise of social media in retail (The Guardian)
  • The Best Retail Landlords Realize Importance of Bricks and Clicks (TheStreet)

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