Monday, November 26, 2012

Retail Reads to Start Your Week

  • Walmart's Evolution From Big Box Giant To E-Commerce Innovator (Fast Company)
  • White House Warns Looming Fiscal Cliff Threatens Consumer Spending (AP)
  • Big-Box Retailers Wrestle E-Commerce Gorilla Amazon (WSJ)
  • Infographic: The Rise of Mobile Shopping (Mashable)
  • Retail's Winners Rely on the Service-Profit Chain (HBR)
  • Former Apple Retail Chief Details Apple Store Planning And Philosophy In Unaired Video (TechCrunch)
  • Amazing Graphs That Show How Consumers' Spending Habits Change With Age (The Atlantic)
  • Microsoft's Retail Gamble is in Full Swing (PC Mag)
  • Why Tory Burch Should Be Fashion's Next Billionaire (And How Her Ex Could Stop Her) (Forbes)
  • Reinventing department stores for today's shoppers (CBS News)
  • Mobile payments and digital wallets are about to shape not only how, but where and when we buy things (ReadWrite)
  • Video: Inside Amazon's Largest Distribution Center on Cyber Monday (Bloomberg)
  • Radical ideas for saving a struggling independent bookstore (paidContent)
  • 25 surprising facts about the increasingly mobile nature of online and in-store retail (Quartz)
  • Can Canadian women's active wear brand LolĂ« challenge Lululemon's dominance? (Reuters)
The Rise of Mobile Shopping (Mashable)

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