Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Retail Reads

  • Survey says Amazon most satisfying website to shop (Reuters)
  • How Brands Use The Psychology Of Color To Manipulate You (Business Insider)
  • Return to the City: Renewal of Inner City Retail Stores (Forbes)
  • Changes in store in 2012: The year in retail and the evolving way we shop (LA Times)
  • Gift returns expected to jump 37% to $63 billion this holiday season (CNBC)
  • How Warby Parker's Reinventing Retail (Inc)
  • Retailers Take On the Risk of Same-Day Shipping (NY Times)
  • The FreshDirect approach to keeping deliveries like clockwork (BBC)
  • As Offline Retail Dies, Commercial Real Estate Apocalypse Looms (Consumerist)
  • Christmas Day online retail traffic increased 27% (Experian)
  • 10 Big Retail Trends from the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season (Time)
  • Retailers are loading up inboxes with personalized e-mail messages (Star Tribune)
  • Why Amazon Is Not A Commerce Company (TechCrunch)
  • Retail Workers Bear Brunt Of Sluggish Holiday Sales (NPR)
  • Infographic: Customers’ Purchase History Helps Marketers Zero In on Best Prospects (Yahoo!)
  • It's Do Or Die For These Four Retailers (WSJ)
  • Grocery stores starting to focus on guys (St Louis Post-Dispatch)
  • When Christmas Brings Retailers Many Unhappy Returns (Businessweek)
  • Rethinking an American icon: The shopping mall (CBS News)
  • Will retailers rebound after weak holiday season? (AP)

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