Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Reading List

  • E-commerce will make the shopping mall a retail wasteland (ZDNet)
  • Lululemon plans ‘substantial investment’ in menswear (Financial Post)
  • Made in America gains fashion with luxury brands (MarketWatch)
  • REITs Ditching Failing Shopping Malls (SF Chronicle)
  • Luxury stores pop up in hotels for inauguration (USA Today)
  • Abe's Market Aims To Be Amazon of Natural Products, With a Human Touch (FastCo)
  • Showrooming Becoming a Mainstream Retail Practice (Nasdaq)
  • Consumer Sentiment Index Unexpectedly Falls to One-Year Low (Bloomberg)
  • 3 Innovative Menswear Retailers For The Digital Age (Robin Report)
  • Retailers want a bigger piece of America's growing health care market (HuffPost)
  • Will 2013 be a year of deals in retail sector? (MarketWatch)
  • Behind The Scenes, MyWebGrocer Helps Turn Supermarkets Virtual (Businessweek)
  • Eight Retail CEOs Reveal Top Goals For 2013 (Forbes)
  • Wal-Mart gets schooled: Retailer expands tiny on-campus format (NBC News)

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