Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid-Week Reading List

  • Barnes and Noble's hardest lesson: It pays to be small (Fortune)
  • Attention shoppers: Retailers can now track you across the mall (ITworld)
  • How Pose Became the 'Instagram of Fashion' (Mashable)
  • U.S. Consumers Turn to Tablets for Shopping (ABI Research)
  • Google’s Plan to Snatch Shopping From Amazon Is Working (Wired)
  • 2013 may be one of the busiest years for retail development in a generation (SCT)
  • Chanel Sold-Out Dresses Show That Scarcity Counts (Bloomberg)
  • Affluent consumers start 2013 with dismal view of the economy & their personal financial situation (Unity Marketing)
  • Apple granted U.S. trademark for its retail store design (LA Times)
  • New Cross-Border Shopping Rules Could Be a Big Win for U.S. Retailers (Nielsen)
  • JC Penney Adds Sales Promotion Back Into the Marketing Mix (AdAge)
  • Overcoming the Challenges of Retail Wi-Fi (WSJ)
  • Analysts See the Good in Amazon’s Poor Results (NY Times)
  • Here's Where Americans Spend Their Money (Business Insider)

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