Monday, January 7, 2013

Retail Reads to Start Your Week

  • The changing consumer-retailer relationship (The Guardian)
  • Target's New Ad Campaign Puts The Grocery Aisle In The Spotlight (AP)
  • Retailers' holiday hiring was highest in six years (NBC News)
  • How REI Put A Bow On Social Marketing And Wowed Customers (Fast Company)
  • Reviving brands that aren't quite forgotten (LA Times)
  • Consumers Want Mobile-Enhanced Retail (MediaPost)
  • How Omnichannel Strategy Helped Fatten Macy’s Holiday Margins (WSJ)
  • Children's clothing companies now designing for grown-ups (Star Tribune)
  • Apple Can't Afford Buyer's Remorse With Next Retail Hire (AllThingsD)
  • Look, No Hands! E-Commerce's Favorite Little Robot (Businessweek)
  • Fashion and technology have been intertwined for more than two centuries (FT)
  • Amazon: A trend-setter for the long term (Globe and Mail)
  • Guys and Dollars: How Groceries, Barbies, Fashion and More Are Being Marketed to Men (Time)
  • Consumers are becoming ‘digital omnivores’ (VentureBeat)
  • Can Facebook Rival Amazon, EBay in E-Commerce? (Bloomberg)

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