Monday, January 14, 2013

Retail Reads to Start Your Week

  • Swatch buying luxury jeweler Harry Winston (Reuters)
  • The Guys Behind Google Wallet Want to Personalize Your Next Shopping Trip (Wired)
  • Products men are too ashamed to buy at the store (MarketWatch)
  • Canada: Target's next bull's-eye (Star Tribune)
  • Retailers are finally starting to get the hang of social (Internet Retailer)
  • The Simple Concept That Could Change The Way Men Buy Dress Shirts (Business Insider)
  • Retailers Fear Payroll Tax Will Cut Consumer Spending (WSJ)
  • Nearly 8 Out of 10 Shoppers Use the Internet to Purchase & Research Products (Cisco)
  • PayPal Expands Retail Store Payments Service (AP)
  • Retail Imports To Increase 2.3% In January As Port Strike Threat Continues (NRF)
  • Why Is Walgreens Selling Sushi? The Changing Business of Drugstores (Time)
  • Role reversal? Online fashion goes offline (The Guardian)
  • Rough Earnings Stretch Makes Tiffany & Co. Attractive Takeover Target (Bloomberg)
  • How technology is closing the gap between mature and emerging retail markets (Retail's BIG Blog)
  • 2013 Could Be the Year eBay Takes on Amazon for Real (Wired)

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