Thursday, January 24, 2013

StoreIntel Research: Jan 22nd Mall Walk

  • Gap (GPS) - We focused our efforts towards Old Navy. After visiting 3 locations, we are very comfortable with their inventory levels and their strength in sales. We sense that cold weather product is at a minimum, and that denim is a strength. We want to take note of the regular price business they are currently running in this category, as we feel this bodes well for gross margins. New floor sets are being rolled out Thursday, and we look forward to evaluating spring assortments.
  • American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) - If only they were not up against a plus 17% comp, we would be all over this name. Their assortments for spring are outstanding. They have made a very clear message that the traditional t-shirt, hoodie, jean look from years past in no longer the standard uniform for this customer, and are also very aware of the push-back in logo wear. Their outstanding assortments of both printed bottoms and tops in multiple fabrications make this a very exciting time and transition for American Eagle. If the company can meet their plus 17 comp for this month, watch out…the eagle will fly for spring!!!
  • Aeropostale (ARO) - Ohhhh boy,watch out below!!! Our impression is they have lost their way - the product feels wrong, too much of the same old looks, too may logo t's and not enough newness. More to follow after our in depth analysis next week.

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