Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mid-Week Retail & Consumer Reads

  • How Mobile Payments Will Transform The Shopping Experience (ReadWrite)
  • A Multi-Mix Media Approach Drives New Product Awareness (Nielsen)
  • Apple CEO on stores' biggest problem: They're not 'big enough' (LA Times)
  • Shopper Marketing: A Strategic Investment (POPAI)
  • What Recession? Americans Regain a Craving for Luxury (WSJ)
  • Michael Kors is no Louis Vuitton; It's Not Coach Either (Robin Report)
  • "E-Commerce Quarterly" Sheds Light on Shipping Offer Effectiveness & Holiday Shopping Behaviors (Monetate)
  • Sheetz and Wawa Divide Pit-Stop Partisans in Pennsylvania (NY Times)
  • Email Marketing for the Overly-Connected Consumer (ClickZ)
  • Eight retailers that will close the most stores in 2013 (MarketWatch)
  • Startup aims to bring shopper analytics to bricks and mortar retail (Mashable)
  • To Beat Showrooming, Retailers Must Think Outside The Box (Forbes)
  • Retail industry top cybercrime target in 2012 (ZDNet)
  • Tablets Poised to Become Key Driver of E-Commerce (Marin Software)
  • Target tries to build buzz with 12-page sponsored style guide in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (Businessweek)

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