Sunday, February 24, 2013

Monday Morning Briefing

Economic & Retailer Earnings Calendar for the Week of 2/25 - 3/1

Retail & Consumer Reads to Start Your Week
  • Why Brands Are Already Looking at Google Glass, and Why Apple Should Be Worried (Adweek)
  • Despite late refunds, higher payroll taxes & gas prices, consumers look surprisingly resilient (USA Today) or Strike Three! The American Consumer Is Out (CNBC)
  • J.C. Penney and the Future of Retail (Forbes)
  • PayPal’s New U.K. Mobile Card Reader Exposes Inferior U.S. Tech (Wired)
  • Abercrombie & Fitch to close up to 50 U.S. stores this year (FT)
  • More Evidence That Tablets Are Slowly Killing the PC (Businessweek)
  • In the slow-growing sporting-goods market, Dick's Sporting Goods looks like a winner (Barron's)
  • How the $60 billion diamond industry thrives on symbolism (CBS News)
  • Barnes & Noble Weighs Its Digital Future (NY Times) and Barnes's & Noble Chairman Mulls Store Buyout (WSJ)
  • Mobile's Retail Power Comes From...The Couch? (Marketing Daily)
  • These Charts Explain Exactly How Americans Spend $52 Billion on Our Pets in a Year (The Atlantic)
  • Google’s plan to eat Amazon’s lunch and dominate retailing (GigaOM)
  • Commerce technology is a massive opportunity (and retail is not dead) (PandoDaily)
  • The Irreversible Decline Of Sears Can Be Blamed On One Thing: Customer Service (Business Insider)
  • Why Brick-And-Mortar Still Beats E-Commerce (TechCrunch) and Why Bricks-And-Mortars Will Live Forever (SiliconANGLE)
  • Safeway Envisions Future Without Print Ads (AdAge)

Monday's Retail Quick Fact:
Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance more than quadrupled its store count over the last 10 years, growing from 112 stores to 550 stores, and grew sales from just $362 million in 2002 to $2.22 billion in 2012, for a 10-year compound annual growth rate of 19.9%

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