Tuesday, March 12, 2013

20 Tuesday Retail & Consumer Reads

  • Cleanup in Aisle 3: How Retailers Will Avoid Slipups in the Digital Age (AllThingsD)
  • Target puts boutique in-store shops on hiatus (Star Tribune)
  • The Store Strikes Back: Why Omnichannel Retailers Should Win Over Pure-Play Competitors (Kurt Salmon)
  • Americans Deal With Payroll-Tax Boost to Keep Spending (Bloomberg)
  • The Customer Profile: Your Brand's Secret Weapon (HBR)
  • Why closing stores may increase  retailer’s value (ScienceBlog)
  • Bonobos opens stores that don't sell anything (USA Today)
  • High-tech software for retailers discreetly tracks customers (CNET)
  • Shapewear giant Spanx transitions to bricks-and-mortar stores (STORES)
  • Water Drowns Soda as America's Favorite Beverage (AP)
  • Why the idea that consumers will pay a premium for "made in America" is hogwash (Robin Report)
  • Rent the Runway Raises Another $24.4 Million (The Business of Fashion)
  • It's Adapt-or-Die Time for Daily Deals Firms (Adweek)
  • The History of Personalisation in Retail (Econsultancy)
  • Adidas Vowing to Outrun Nike in U.S. With Bouncier Shoes (Businessweek)
  • E-tailers open their first brick-and-mortar shops (Shopping Centers Today)
  • The Future of Fashion: Download File and Print (Forbes)
  • Video: How the quest for a better T-shirt led to an Under Armour empire (NBC News)
  • Steve Jobs Had It Wrong: Why You Should Look To Consumers For Product Innovation (FastCo Create)
  • Supermarket Chain Fairway Group Plans $200 Million April IPO (Bloomberg)

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