Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday Retail & Consumer Reads

Today's Must Read: The Big Flaw in 'Omnichannel' Retailing (Internet Retailer):

Retail execs struggle to "explain what omnichannel merchandising means and how it differs from the now discredited multichannel strategy from which it emerged" and "whether omnichannel strategies are really effective in helping the retail chains compete in the e-commerce space."
There is little doubt that a good web site helps bolster a chain’s total retail sales, but how much faster would those chains be growing if they tried a dual-path strategy, one that treated their web site as a stand-alone business managed separately from the store by a CEO and management team focused totally on maximizing web sales? The chains would still integrate the web site into the store shopping experience as they do now, but the web store would focus on meeting the needs of the web-centric shopper, using the store’s brand for greater exposure.
This strategy would allow the chains to optimize the opportunity they have with the web channel and compete more effectively with web-only merchants who as a group run rings around store-controlled web sites. This dual-path strategy would also respond to the undeniable financial reality of retailing in the Internet age. Shoppers in general are becoming more dependent on and attuned to the web and less dependent on and attuned to store retailing.

 Thursday' Other Top Retail & Consumer Reads:
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