Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday's Top Retail & Consumer Reads

  • Why Local Search Is Important For Retail...And Why It's A Mess (Business Insider)
  • Amazon’s head of mobile talks app design, shopping habits and impulse buys (MIT Technology Review)
  • Consumer Using Phones to Bank, but Not Buy (WSJ)
  • Macy’s Rethinks Distinction between Clicks and Bricks (CoStar Group)
  • 4 Ways Retail Stores Are Monitoring Your Every Move (Consumerist)
  • Wal-Mart's radical plan to have customers to deliver packages to online buyers (Chicago Tribune) and Wal-Mart eCommerce, the largest startup in the world, is arming itself for fierce retail battles (GigaOM) and Why Walmart Wishes It Were a Startup (Wired)
  • Military shopping gets some private-sector upgrades (Dallas News)
  • Landlords are finding it easy to fill empty big boxes (SCT)
  • Inside The Curious Bricks-And-Mortar Store For Legal Advice, Books, Tablets (FastCo)
  • Load times for top retail sites slump 22% in the past year (Econsultancy)
  • Luxury brands see customization of fashion pieces as the next value-add for customers (National Post)
  • Canadian Launch Shows How Target Lures in Shoppers (The Globe and Mail)
  • Is the Weather Masking Deeper Obstacles for the Retail Industry? (Fox Business)
  • Why we needn’t worry about Amazon’s fashion malfunction (PandoDaily)
  • Why Brick and Mortar Retail Matters (Forbes)
  • Elle' Invites Readers to Shop Net-a-Porter On-Site (Mashable)
  • As Wages Rise, Employers Consider Replacing Workers With Technology (WSJ)
  • Google launches same-day delivery in San Francisco Bay Area (Yahoo! Finance)

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