Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Giant Retail Reading List

  • Shoppers who use mobile more, spend more in store (Google AdWords)
  • Is There Room In America For H&M And Uniqlo? (Forbes)
  • Study Finds 'Sequential' Pricing Can Increase Retail Profits (University of Arkansas)
  • The Retailer-Designer Dating Game (WSJ)
  • 10 Ways Men And Women Spend Their Money Differently (BuzzFeed)
  • Target tests if Facebook-driven deals bring shoppers into stores (Reuters) and Target Teams Up With Facebook For Deals You Can Share (AdAge)
  • Lying and Hiding in the Name of Privacy (Customer Commons)
  • Retailers Eye Home Goods As Housing Sales Improve (CNBC)
  • Survey Shows 75% of Consumers Prefer Customized In-Store Experiences Over Online Shopping (Synqera)
  • 15 Stats Retailers Should Know About Pinterest (Digiday)
  • The Secret Sauce of Amazon's E-Commerce Dominance (Business Insider)
  • Coming to a Shopping Cart Near You: Custom Pricing (LiveScience)
  • Retailers want to track your every move (CBS News)
  • Why Warby Parker Invited 20,000 Customers To Their Apartment (FastCo) and What Eyeware Startup Warby Parker Sees That Others Don't (Knowledge@Wharton) and How Warby Parker Plans to Take Down the Man, One Pair of Glasses at a Time (Wired)
  • Survey Finds In-store Data Collection Significantly Up (RetailNext)
  • The Shifting Winds of New York Retail: Soho’s Renaissance (Business of Fashion)
  • Medbox: Dawn of the Marijuana Vending Machine (Businessweek)
  • Smartphones are the key to revolutionizing shopping...but not in the way many think (Fortune)
  • Americans Still Enjoy Saving Rather Than Spending (Gallup)
  • Wanelo 3.0 makes e-commerce less ‘primitive’ by organizing products around people (VentureBeat)
  • Reverse Showrooming: Best Buy, Amazon And The Internet Sales Tax (Forbes)
  • Tablet-based cash registers dressed up to be attractive, versatile (Seattle Times)

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