Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday's BIG Retail Reading List

  • Ranking of world's top 100 most valuable brands (BrandZ)
  • Don’t Overlook Baby Boomers: America’s Greatest Shopper Generation (POPAI)
  • Jenna Lyons Reveals The Secrets To Becoming A J.Crew Collaborator (FastCo)
  • Do Americans really care how their clothes are made? (Washington Post)
  • Retailers Turn 'Showrooming' Into Innovation Opportunity (Mashable)
  • Following Wal-Mart's lead, Target goes hunting for start-ups in Silicon Valley (Reuters) and Target Experiments with New Multichannel Services Post Amazon (WSJ)
  • We’ve entered the age of emotional, design-centric e-commerce (GigaOM)
  • Mall shoppers cite "more experiences" as reason to shop more often (Glimcher)
  • Turning clicks into bricks...and dollars: Online retailers harness data and seek a 'physical' presence (MarketWatch)
  • The 11 Most Tech-Savvy Darlings Of Online Retail (Business Insider)
  • Best Buy Finds Value in Real Estate Over Retail (Businessweek)
  • High-tech meets low-tech as new Chinese consumers embrace online shopping (Fortune)
  • How Amazon and the strengthening economy are threatening the once-invincible retail giant Walmart (Slate)
  • World's Retail & Shopping Hot Spots (Vogue)
  • Google Admits Defeat In Its 7-Year Battle With Amazon And PayPal (ReadWrite)
  • Pinterest Pins Will Promote Product Pricing, Availability and Retail Location (Entrepreneur)
  • Regulatory Environment Poses a Top Threat to Retail Industry (BDO)
  • RadioShack Looks to Regain Relevance With Push for Younger Consumers (AdAge)
  • Majority of US Mobile Consumers Use Devices to Comparison Shop (eMarketer)
  • Urban Outfitters to open in-store Bar at new outpost in hipster Brooklyn (Daily Mail)
  • New Shopping Tool Poaches Deals for Online Checkout (ClickZ)
  • Wearable Technology Market Set to Explode, Could Reach $50 Billion (Businss of Fashion)

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