Thursday, July 18, 2013

20 Thursday Retail Reads

Enjoy our carefully curated retail reading list on your morning commute this Thursday morning:
  • How Big Data Can Help Retailers Optimize Mobile (CIO)
  • The new JC Penney is like nothing retail has seen in 30 years...and will most likely be a financial disaster (Robin Report)
  • Retailers Shifting Digital Marketing Spend To Capitalize On Growing Mobile Traffic (NRF)
  • Video: How Hugo Boss Uses Body Heat to Track Shoppers (Bloomberg)
  • Analyzing Influences in the Consumer’s Purchase Decision: Athletic Footwear (Compete)
  • Wayfair aims to become a household name for home products (Fortune)
  • The Store is Everywhere: The fast-approaching future of "everywhere computing" and the implications for retailers (Business of Fashion)
  • Facebook Commerce May Be Better Run by Twentysomethings (Adweek)
  • Why Are Walmart Stores Such A Mess? (Forbes)
  • The Distraction of Data: How Brand Research Misses The Real Reasons Why People Buy (FastCo)
  • Amazon vet’s robot-powered apparel startup now beating Amazon prices, partners with Google Shopping (GeekWire)
  • The Power of the In-Store Experience (Nielsen)
  • Mobile devices account for two-thirds of traffic and half of sales at Jackthreads (Internet Retailer)
  • 10 Tech Innovations That Will Change How You Shop (PC Mag)
  • Why Outlet Stores Are the Hottest Thing in High-End Retail (Businessweek)
  • Back-to-School Shoppers Plan to Cut Back on Spending (NRF)
  • Developing a fine-grained look at how digital consumers behave (McKinsey & Co)
  • RadioShack Revamps Stores, Merchandise As it Tries to Reinvent Itself (AP)
  • At only one year young, Poppin makes waves in multichannel retail (
  • When it comes to retail tracking, shoppers prefer being watched in their homes (Quartz)

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