Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Store Intel: Recap of Black Friday and a First Look at Holiday Trend

Here are some bullet points to focus on as we begin the Holiday push:
  • If you had the chance to listen to our conference call yesterday we reiterated our belief in a strong start to Holiday at JCP. Sure enough JCP announced a double digit increase(+10%)for the month of November. While we are confident the positive comp trend will continue, we are concerned with the warnings on margins and promotions we are hearing from many retailers. This mornings announcement by EXPR is one prime example, while on the discount front ROST, was another callout that cannot be ignored
  • We are also very positive on GPS for the month of November when they announce their numbers tomorrow.
  • Knowing that the next 12 days are extremely important to assessing our Holiday winners and losers we urge you to be mndful of the enormous inventory levels that are in stores. Most if not every retailer will not be delivering any new floor sets so we will be tracking these levels very closely
  • According to our shoppers in the south it seems as though the month of November was a challenging. Florida, in particular, we heard was slow. Keep this in mind for retilers with a high penetration of stores in that area. Top of mind would be CHS.

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